Bill estimate / Chat with us does not work

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Hi there, 


Since I opened my account in July all four bills I have received have been estimated readings. I only realised this now since you switched to the new email format. 


I have researched and found out that: “It is required under the Energy Retail Code that an actual reading be taken at least once every 12 months. This Code also requires that old-style meters must be read at least every three months for electricity and gas meters at least once every two.”


Can you please advise: 


  • Why do I only receive estimates and never an actual reading?
  • When will I receive an actual reading?
  • How refunds work if your estimates have been incorrect? 


Also, related to my query, your chat with us function does not work, and you have no email contact address:

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @thomasg1 


Thanks for asking the community. You'll receive an estimated bill when we don't receive an actual reading from your local energy distributor. There are a few reasons why this might be the case. For a good summary of the issue, check out Why do I receive estimated bills?


When estimates are incorrect, there's an automatic adjustment to your next bill when we next receive an actual reading - a credit if we estimated too high or a debit if we estimated too low. This is a routine part of the billing process, and you'll see this credit or debit listed on your bill.

A great way to avoid estimated bills is to send us your own meter read, either through your online My Account page, or through the AGL app: