Bill Smoothing Issue

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Hi All,


I switched to bill smoothing a few months ago which was working well. However we received an email that said a bill smoothing payment was overdue and if it wasn't paid immediately then it would be cancelled.


We make an effort to pay all bills early and I confirmed that all payments were up to date. Even the AGL dashboard showed that nothing was due.


Bill smoothing has now been cancelled becuase we "missed a payment" and cannot be reinstated which is a joke. Coming into Winter is where we see the benefit of bill smoothing and we cant even use the function as required.


What do I have to do to get it back up and running?





AGL Moderator
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Hi Stoj77, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood.


To help you get your Bill Smoothing enquiry, we'll need to access your account. As this is a public community we won't be able to help you with this here, but I've contacted you via private message so I can assist.