App billing information issues

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GAS billing information has been unavailable for over a month using the App.

Before & after latest update 3 weeks ago.

(On an iphone)


Can't click on anything as it just says "billing information unavailable, please try again later"


Spending hours on chats to still not get a resolve.

Will try again via website but any info on this issue welcome.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Enigma,


To assist with this enquiry, we'll need to access your account. As this is a public community we won't be able to help you with this here, but I've contacted you via private message so I can assist.




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Hi..... same issue that I have been trying to get answered via circular chats for 3 months! Thought maybe I would find an answer here..... alas..... I have hit another brick wall. The app is a Waste of time AGL if you can't sort this out, no Gas details available in billing is not good enough.


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Thank you for your reply,appreciated. However it's not a payment error, it's on the billing tab/option on the app that doesn't appear at all for GAS (should be under Electricity in the screenshot to then tap in & go to pdf bill etc).

Keep getting the error messages as per screenshots.

IT department are now investigating after seeing these posts which is great, however I gave to wait a week as the staff member looking after this case is going on leave effective tomorrow. I wait

thanks again though.

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Same thing has happened to my account, I can’t get into the billing tab at all & the website won’t tell me how much credit is in my acc, as I pay little amounts each fortnight.. I’ve also tried messaging through the app/website with AGL staff to try get it resolved.. However, every single one of them has told me to log out & back in again. I then lose them when I log back in, so I have to restart the whole messaging & waiting for as long as 24hrs before I get a response.. just to be told to repeat that same process… 


This is very frustrating, and by the looks of things it’s happening to a lot of AGL customers!

We need to get it solved ASAP as we are all required to pay our bills & we need to be able to access our accounts to do so!! 

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I have pretty much given up.... can't waste any more time getting wrong answers & living in the "Groundhog Day" loop was pushing me over the edge! I have been using the website as also have incorrect billing issues (going on for 8 years) that need resolutions department responses & can't get to them via the app....


all the best with your issues & hope the app gets sorted once & for all!

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Surely they get it fixed soon!
Either that or I’m forced to moving to another energy company as this is getting ridiculous!