A few issues with AGL

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I encountered a number of issues with AGL. Here goes.

1.   The gas rates (and probably electricity as well) given in the websites appears to be the old ones. I received an email a few weeks ago indicating new rates starts on 1 Aug. However, if you go to the website and look for the rates, it is still showing the old rates.


2.   The gas rates given in the email indicating the change on 1 Aug shows the same rates for peak and off-peak. I thought off-peak would usually be cheaper?


3.   I tried to change my plan on the website but am getting error message - appears that others are having the same issue from the posts I have read.


4.   I tried calling AGL and like others there is a long wait - I gave up. I think it is time to look for a different provider instead of wasting my time trying to get through to someone at AGL. I am really disappointed with AGL - I have been a very long time customer of AGL.


AGL Moderator
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Hi @Mad,


Thank you for reaching out, and providing us with this feedback.

We're very sorry to hear about your experience, and will pass on the feedback about what rates are showing online.


We have had much higher than normal wait times for our contact centre due to the price increase and cost of living crisis, but this is starting to subside as we move out of the winter period.

Early in the morning, and in the evening tend to be the best times to call to reduce this wait during periods of high volume, however we do have fully trained webchat agents available online as well, either live or by correspondence.

Please have a look at our options at agl.com.au/contact-us for a list of all the options we have available, so that one of our agents can get in touch,

Kind regards,

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Hi Xander,

For some reason, I can't access the online chat as the "chat bubble" is blank.

There is no indication on the business hours that I can find in the website or in the bill that I get. So I don't know when is early morning or in the evening since I don't have a reference point. Is early morning 7 am, 8 am, 9 am? and evening 5 pm, 6 pm 8 pm?




AGL Moderator
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Hi Mad,  To further assist you with your enquiry, we would recommend contacting us before 9am and after 6pm. 
Kind Regards,