$100 credit for for both electricity and gas account if signed up internet bundle

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Hi, I have not yet receive $100 credit both in my electricity and gas account after 4 months or not showing in first bill, as promised by the customer service representative when I signed up the internet bundle with electricity and gas, I should have $100 credit in both account. I rang to AGL twice and still no update about this.


Is anyone else have the same problem? 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Kevinkee,


Thanks for reaching out. Any sign up credits should apply on your first bill after your NBN account is set up. If this has not been applied, you will need to contact out NBN team, so they can look into this for you. You can find how to contact our NBN team here




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Hi Kevinkee, 

My electricity credit was visible in my online account as soon as I registered which was a few days after signing up. I think you need to ring them. Good luck, Dee.