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Electric Vehicle Smart Charging trial by AGL Next


Just trying to find out if I can qualify for this program as I am on the VPP in SA.
Does this disqualify me?

When will people be selected for this trial? 


Thanks kindly





So good to hear it's about to happen.

So much hype around Electric vehicles at present. Supplying a viable source of cheap sustainable charging will more encourage the uptake of EVs. Wish the the government would further help and encourage also. We here in SA just keep hearing of a mileage tax to offset the fuel exise tax.

Even car manufacturers are ramping up the EV and down the petrol/diesel.


brilliant stuff mate, thanks for sharing!



Just some updates.
AGL contacted me last week about the EV Smart charging trial. This is the first phase which covers the installation of the Schneider EV Charger. 

I asked about the V2G phase (which won’t happen so soon), after some checking, even though I have a Nissan Leaf, with it being an older model it wouldn’t be eligible. 

After some questions, explanations of terms of the agreements etc, I was told I’m eligible and I opted in for the first phase.
They contacted me later with further instructions and I took some picture of the meterboard, intended place of installation etc and sent it to them. 

Will now wait for the installers to contact me. 


Thanks for posting your experience, very helpful!


I had similar experience, except the Leaf I own is eligible, so am getting a callback ~late June.


Thanks AGL 🙂



Any updates on what is happening to the EV charging trial?




I initially had my install scheduled by JetCharge for next week. But there’s been a slight delay in the delivery of the Schneider EVlink Wallbox (mainly due to my vehicle using a Type 1 plug). 
It’s been rescheduled to the last week of April. 



I am awaiting a call to schedule wallbox fitment. The email I got for further information on router and timeframes landed in my junk mail so it has been delayed through no ones fault. Hopefully jetcharge will organise me a fitment time soon.




Unit installed this morning 😊



AGL Community Manager

@szern Exciting! Let us know how it goes. 😎

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Late June is here and going fast, haven't heard back yet.


Any AGL reps able to give an update about the V2G phase of the trial?