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Being able to download your previous bills is a great feature.  It would be even more advantageous to download our receipts of payments for each bill.  

Not sure if this feature is already available, if it is, I would love to learn where and how.  

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AGL Community Manager

This request is in our backlog for addition to the product. At this stage there's no specific timeframe for adding it, but if this request receives additional votes it will be reviewed.


@Teapot @David_AGL 


Bit confused about the request

On your bill you get a list of payments that you have made (as below)


This is from a 2019 Bill.


The data is also available from your Account Page on the web page and I presume the same from the APP.


On the web page under Billing Transaction history I see.



This is the same data that appears on my last Bill (8 Jan 2023)




My bill is always in credit but if between one bill and the next I would see the previous amount due as an amount paid with the date.

So I believe that your request is not needed.

@David_AGL  can you confirm this.


Cheers Neil

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Full transaction history is available under the Billing tab on My Account, and we're also exploring additional options to export your transaction history as a result of another Idea posted here:


A full transaction history was NOT what this request is about. Its a bout getting receipts, for taxation purposes, for money spent by customers.


I need receipts. No if's, no buts. I need reciepts for every purchase, and every payment made by our organisation, and I get them all, EXCEPT from AGL.


Nowhere on the Myaccount agl website can I click and download a receipt for taxation purposes. I am required BY LAW to produce a receipt for every payment of money I make on behalf of my organisation.


AGL is the only company I have come across in my entire career which does not provide a receipt for monies it receives.


A transaction history just does not cut the mustard.


You need to do the following:


1. Understand what a receipt for Taxation purposes is, and why it's needed.

2. Produce receipts for every payment received, and make it downloadable.


At the moment, it seems when you get money in, it is dispersed across any unpaid bills, and there is NO correlation between the monies paid, and the bills, and there is no receipt.


It's simple actually, 1) receive the money. 2) Issue a receipt, like the rest of the world does. After that, you can disperse he money any way you like.





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Hi @Cabool_Gem_Club , 


I'm an AGL customer and I receive receipts via email for each payment I make - I realize it's not the same as having them accessible on My Account, but just to confirm: are you receiving those notifications?

I do not seem to receive any emailed receipts. I get emailed bills. e.g. the last one I got was on the 1/9 for $1105.95. I attempted to pay this on the 11/9. It was due on 13/10.

Somehow, after the payment (I checked JUST before I paid how much was due - $1105.95) I am now over $500 in credit!!. AND I have received no receipts for ANY payments. This is just not sustainable.

Can I have the amount in credit refunded please.

We are a small, not for profit community association, run by volunteers, and with very little funding. $500 out of pocket is very significant for us.

But the main issue is receipts. It's just not right that we pay money, and get no receipt.

I am the treasurer, and accountable for all expenditure. It's scrutinized severely and I end up with egg on my face every time I try and pay an AGL Bill and am asked to produce a receipt.

I really need to know what is going wrong, and I especially need those receipts when I pay. I really really need help with this please. Paying AGL electricity bills it just too fraught with a lack of transparency, consistency, a distinct lack of 'ease of use', and I have been left with NO trust in the billing system whatsoever.

In summary:

1. I need receipts for the monies I've paid on behalf of our club, and
2. I need the excess funds credited to our account to be refunded

Thank you for your time and patience.

PS I pay dozens and dozens of bills every month, and the right amount is paid, and the right receipt received, at the right time, every time, except for AGL's bills.

Yours faithfully

Leon Allen
The Caboolture Gem Club Inc.
AGL Community Manager

Hi @Cabool_Gem_Club .

Sorry to hear you've been dealing with these frustrations on your account! Just to confirm - AGL does issue payment receipts so you should be receiving them, but it sounds like something may be going awry. What method are you using to pay your bill? For example, are you doing it online through the app, or through the payment webpage, or via Bpay?


Unfortunately I don't have access to your account so I can't assist you directly, but I encourage you to get in touch with AGL Support either by phone or by sending us a Message through the AGL app or My Account. They'll be able to look into why you aren't receiving receipts, as well as help you refund that credit on your account if you wish.