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It seems to be a widespread fashion in the online world at the moment to format text in a way that is hard to read in bright/glary conditions or by persons with reading difficulties, e.g. grey font on white background, light fonts (as on this forum 9-). This might be considered cool but defies the main purpose - easy communication.

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Hi @quarkpower


Thanks for your feedback! Are you able to please provide examples of the difficulty to read grey on white, or are you feeling it is all over the site? And can you confirm are you using your desktop or mobile, or both? We did run a number of accessibility tests that passed the design process but we'll review. 




I have a screenshot attached of your forum space and an AGL email side-by-side on my LCD monitor which shows the difference. Even this reply is fading into the snow storm compared to the posting - straining my poor little eyes as I am writing...
What has happened to good old black?
AGL --- Left - Easy Read --- Right - difficult Read.jpgAGL - Post = bad - Reply = worse.jpg
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Thanks @quarkpower for that extra detail, that's really helpful. I'll consult the team. 

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Hello @quarkpower


While we have checked with our branding, design and user testing team, the font and colour seem to meet legibility criteria. I am moving this status to Good Idea, Vote! so the Community can add to your post. If we find others feel the same we will review again. Keep the ideas coming! 


This web site is another example ... this text uses a low contrast grey!
The collateral (lines forming boxes etc) logos etc is fine ... but the content would benefit from better choices.

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The current redesign specifically targetted accessibility - so this should be resolved now. If you have any more feedback around issues like this, don't hesitate to let us know!