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Re: Solar refund

I had the same experience - automatic crediting every quarter (bill) which suddenly stopped.. I was told that if I wanted quarterly crediting I would now have to ring up every time and request it!I prefer quarterly balancing because of cash flow and performance control. I hope automatic quarterly balancing will be reinstated ASAP.
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AGL Rewards Competition Entry Not Working

I received an email today from AGL Rewards prompting me to enter a competition. After pressing the button I was logged into the AGL Rewards - no sign of the competition entry! While searching for answers I also got a page fault! Please send me a gift card for desperately trying --- screenshots attached
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Re: Text Format on Websites and Forums

I have a screenshot attached of your forum space and an AGL email side-by-side on my LCD monitor which shows the difference. Even this reply is fading into the snow storm compared to the posting - straining my poor little eyes as I am writing...What has happened to good old black?
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Re: Why I, as a retired electrical engineer, joined the AGL VPP

With respect to base load coverage (other than from PV VPP) we should not forget solar thermal as proposed for Port Augusta. This is proven technology and for countries with an abundances of space and sun irradiation (especially in SA) another great part of the puzzle. It's also ideal for rural centers and saves transmission losses. Anyway, decentralisation and a good technology mix is the way to go!
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