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Re: Text Format on Websites and Forums

I have a screenshot attached of your forum space and an AGL email side-by-side on my LCD monitor which shows the difference. Even this reply is fading into the snow storm compared to the posting - straining my poor little eyes as I am writing...What has happened to good old black?
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Re: Why I, as a retired electrical engineer, joined the AGL VPP

With respect to base load coverage (other than from PV VPP) we should not forget solar thermal as proposed for Port Augusta. This is proven technology and for countries with an abundances of space and sun irradiation (especially in SA) another great part of the puzzle. It's also ideal for rural centers and saves transmission losses. Anyway, decentralisation and a good technology mix is the way to go!
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Re: Statistical Analysis of Solar Energy Production in Adelaide

Thanks Richard for your excellent analysis. I am a retired engineer myself and have been monitoring my system for 7 years. I have a 4.23kW system with 18 x 235W REC panels and SMA inverter. The panels are installed on a shallow angled garage roof with 16 panels facing West and 8 panels facing East. Surprisingly, my actual annual output is significantly higher tham the expected annual output.I have difficulties finding a chart with the theoretical/actual solar irradiation figures (annually, month ...
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Re: What does the Community think about the purchase of Loy Yang B Power Station?

I congratulate AGL on its firm stance with the future plans of Lidell! It is almost comical - a Federal Gov ernment who should be leading on power (and everything else), instead begging industry to remain in the dark ages for longer. I just don't get the Governments strange obsession with coal.
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