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What’s new in the AGL App – March 2019

Making payments easier, faster and smoother. As part of our continuing journey to streamline your digital experience, our latest update to the app sees a new native payment system, accessibility support, and further improvements around login and password resets. Your feedback continues to be important to us, so please keep the suggestions and comments coming! While this release is focused on quality of life improvements, we will continue to bring new and updated features in future to give you ...
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Samjy AGL Moderator

Post Archive

To keep boards active with current and relevant discussions, we have started to archive topics that fit the following criteria: The topic is a few years old with no recent activity The topic is a few years old with no activity An older topic includes outdated information A topic has provided no follow up information over a long period of time for a moderator to assist When a topic is archived, it is locked to prevent new replies and moved out of its original board. If you have any questio ...
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Solar savings for renters and apartment owners

We’ve launched a new trial to help more Australians unlock solar savings. Not just anyone can install solar panels at home. You need a rooftop that gets lots of sun, and is the right size, shape and style. You usually need to own your own place, not rent it. And if you live in an apartment – forget about it. With more and more Australians struggling to buy their own homes, or choosing inner-city apartment living, not everyone can access the benefits of traditional rooftop solar. That’s why we’ ...
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Re: Why we’re phasing out the old version of the AGL app

Hi Dan08, Welcome to the Community! When did you download your app? We did make somes change in Decemember that should help you to see your usage. Check out the changes here. We are constantly working to improve the app, please share any ideas you have on our App Feedback board! Cheers, Samjy
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