Solar Payment Refund

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I think we should be able to get a refund submitted on the app and online. Rather then having to contact agl when we would like to get our refunds from the solar we generated. Maybe have it set up so once we ask for the refund to our linked account/ payment meathod that we either get an email or text message for a security code, for the money to be realease.


What does every one think? And what features do you want if this idea gets added into the app and online?


I Thinks that’s a great idea. It should just work like a reverse direct debit setup and either end can put the correct amount in to be transferred. I agree that doing it simply via the app or online is the right way to go.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Sezza , I'll pass it along.


Thank You, @Stanfo thatsure does make sence and a great option of how it can be done.


Thanks @David_AGL does this mean we can vote for it shortly, if so how do we do this?

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Anyone can vote for it now, by clicking the "thumbs up" button below the post. I've just added one myself! There are of course lots of different features and things we want to improve about the online tools, so having suggestions with lots of votes does help to prioritize them.


Hi all,


Bit confused here because if you look at Solar-Refund-Information you will be able to see that you can apply for Automatic Solar Refunds if you desire.


Basically it states.


3. You may choose one of the following options for the periodic payment by AGL of your Solar Credit Balance Payments. You may request that:

  • a. we pay you an 'Annual Credit Balance Payment' in accordance with clause 4;
  • b. we pay you a Solar Credit Balance Payment by electronic funds transfer after each electricity bill that has an account credit balance of $10 or greater; or
  • c. we do not pay you Solar Credit Balance Payments on a periodic basis, which will result in the account credit balance being applied towards the next electricity bill issued by us.

If you wait a year then AGL sends you a cheque any way.


Does not appear that I will vote on a procedure that is already in place.


(We just got a cheque in the mail last week for $600)


Hope this helps.


@David_AGLthink this is solved.

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