Submit button not working - Change plan

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I have been recommended to use the web site to change my plan but despite using different devices, clearing caches and changing browsers I still can’t submit a change on my plan. Very frustrating. What’s going on AGL??

AGL Moderator
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Hi Kingp, Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback, we are sorry to hear the poor experience you have had with changing your energy plan online. 


Our contact centre is available to assist you. You can find how to contact us via


Kind Regards, 


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Kingp , thanks for sharing this feedback. We've received a few reports of people having trouble using this page to change their plan online, so we're looking into this to make sure it's addressed. 

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I've been sent an email to change my plan to receive a better rate.  This link does not work.  Can see it didn't work back in August either via other comments.  Bad service.  Cannot contact anyone either.  The virtual assistant keeps taking me to the same link that does not work!  What's the point of having a chat option when you can't chat!!  I'm off to another provider now.  In fact you should just give us a better rate to keep us on board, instead of making us jump through your hoops, getting us angry and switching providers.  Not very smart AGL

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @DebDoodles - sorry to hear that. I'm going to send you a private message to help get this sorted out.