Poor Customer Service

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The website has no email address.

I have moved hose but my bills are still addressed to the old address.

Shocking follow up and very poor billing resolution.

My rant can be endless and I am considering another provider.

AGL Moderator
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Hi GM1,


Thank you for reaching out. We apologise for the poor experience.


To assist you with updating your mailing address please contact us.


Our contact centre is available 24/7. You can find how to contact us via agl.com.au/contact.


Kind Regards, 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @GM1 - thank you for reaching out, hopefully I can clarify some of your questions.

There are a number of ways you can reach out to us listed on the website provided above, including:

Our contact centre, reachable on 131 245, available 24/7.


Webchat - where you are connected with a live agent through a chat platform.


Messenger - a system where you can send your messages that is not live, more like texting a friend.


Kind regards,

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Hi Xander


You are joking, aren't you? AGL moved their call centre overseas and they are hopeless. Three days for me to get a simple plan change question answered.

I strongly recommend ditching that Indian call centre, they hardly understand what we want and need. Just going by a useless internal list.
AGL USA ditched the overseas call centre in India and brought ich back into the country. Why do we now get punished with such a poor service???



AGL Moderator
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Hi @It_is_me,

Thank you for reaching out.

It's true that our first contact in our call centre is an offshore team, the "Care" team, our second line, the "Resolutions" team, are located in Australia, between Adelaide and Melbourne contact centres.

If you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving at the first level of contact, you are welcome to ask to speak to the "Resolutions" team and will be routed on-shore to one of the above centres.

Kind regards,

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Thank you Xander for the quick answer.


It would be nice if your overseas call-centre would be only half as quick as you are. Instead they take half a day, or even more than one day, to answer a simple question?

"Care" Team is the wrong description for that overseas call-centre and its agents. Better name would be "Care-Less", "Use-Less", "Waste of Time" or similar.

Why I cannot contact directly the "Resolutions" team? I do not have the time to waste it with a "Care-Less" overseas call-centre until they forward my wish - if, at all.


That is not good enough. I am a customer from AGL since over 12 years and it was never that bad. Congratulations to the management for their worst decicsion ever. 


Because you are excellent in responding, would you mind to connect me to the "Resolutions" team, please?
I refuse to contact the overseas call-centre at all.


Trust me, I worked in enough companies who thought shifting to India was a great idea. It was not and they all pulled out from their overseas idea very quick. The same like AGL USA recently did. Wonder why...