Not receiving email bills

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I did not get my latest electricity bill email.

I got an SMS telling me the bill was overdue.

I rang yesterday 25/2/22 and the lady I spoke to said she would resend the email.

That email has not arrived.

I have since received an email with the receipt for my payment.

I have also received two emails, just now, from the neighbourhood team.

I have been using this email address for many years and, yes, I have checked my junk folder.


I cannot pay my bill if I don't get it!


AGL Moderator
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Hi Jostle, sorry you are having issues with receiving your bills. So we can investigate please get in touch with the team here. Kind regards, Steven. 

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Thanks Steve,

I have already rung and was transferred to Charlie who, while she could not actually fix the problem, seemed to understand the issue and said she would raise an IT ticket.


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My recommendation is to give up!.   Same thing happened to me.  The only thing AGL could come up with was to blame my internet provider even though like you I received all the other emails they sent to me from the same address.   Life is too short to keep trying to sort this out … now I just make a note in my diary to check the website for my bill.


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Thanks Juded,

I just received this month's bill email... TWICE!