NO Meter Read ONSITE

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Unable to input meter read ! Unavailable onsite and phone app:

AGL Moderator
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Hi Ksutra, Thanks for reaching out. Could you please elaborate on the issue you are facing. You can find more information on how to submit your own meter reading by visiting Cheers, Deepesh

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If you have a smart meter, it is not possible to add a meter reading.


With a smart meter your usage is calculated on your accumulated daily usage.


I stopped looking at my meter readings about two years ago after my meter was reset three times over one billing period.


You will also note that on the new look bill it states:


Your electricity usage is measured by an interval meter. This means you won't see a start or end read on your bill. Instead, the total amount of your electricity usage is shown.

Cheers Neil

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Enter Meter Read is unavailable on ur website 

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Meter read entry is available on my logged in account (on both the website and app) for my workshop with still old analogue meter.

When viewing the home account it's different as we recently installed solar . . . a new smart meter was installed by our network provider (for AGL), and that is different as Neil said above.

No option (or need) to enter anything with a smart meter.