Misinformation by phone.

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The better costs quoted on the phone for a change to a 'new' Senior Savers Plan are the same as my previous Seniors Plan, as well as the Value Saver Plan. So misleading  information. The email contact confirming the plan change does not accept replies so the only option to contact AGL, as suggested in the Chat, takes you back to your account where the Virtual Assistant says to contact a team member by phone, or to back go to your account. This has to be intentional and casts doubt on AGL's genuineness in offering support and information.


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Yes, I found Senior Savers was same as Value Savers when I switched early on just before a change to solar installation.

No difference to rates for older single tariff or when on the new TOU rates, but Senior Savers advertised a $25 discount (ONE OF).

I didn't wait to find out because I found the EV Night Saver plan, which suits us a lot better.

Yes, I have found when wanting the best and quickest info, it's best to call, wait in the queue, hopefully have something to do for a while on the computer, read the news (all of it !), and finally when you get through the wait it's usually a reasonable result after talking directly to a rep.

AGL Moderator
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Hi ColinAccounts,


Thank you for reaching out.


Currently our Value Saver and Seniors Saver rates are the same, however with the Seniors Saver plan you receive a once off bonus credit for having the seniors card.


Hope this helps, and if you have any more questions feel free to reach out.


Kind regards,



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Hi Megan,

Thanks for the follow up. However the price given to me on the phone was:

usage 27 c/kWh, no mention of GST; feed-in tariff 8 c/kWh; and a supply charge of 76 c/day.

Below is the copy of the details provided to me by email dated 26 June. 

'Electricity usage per annum Unit GST excl. GST incl. General Usage First 4900 kWh c/kWh 27.83000 30.613000 Thereafter c/kWh 27.83000 30.613000 Feed-in tariff c/kWh 7.00000 Supply charge c/day 80.11000 88.121000'

This is why arrangements made by phone are difficult to verify, especially when communication can be poor. 

Can you please confirm for me what the details are for the Senior Savers Plan, which I can only presume is the best AGL plan for me, irrespective of the one off $25 rebate.


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Hi Colin,


The exact pricing of your Seniors Saver plan will vary depending on your distribution area and tariff. In order to provide you with the most accurate information we will need some further information from you.


We will send you a private message now.


Kind regards,