Meter Readings

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Hi, I got a gas bill yesterday for $589 for 59 days usage@367mj. Never in my life had a bill this high, and if you got to the breakdown of the bill it says our daily usage 329.75mj so how does a daily usage of 329.75 equate to 367mj that I was charged for the 59 days?

I've also done a reading on 19/06/24, 5 days after the official AGL reading and I've only used 75mj, how does that equate to 329.75mj per day usage?

AGL also predicts on my daily usage estimates that my next bill is going to be even higher @ $707.

There is something wrong with AGL's calculation and predictions and ripping of there customer. There has to be something wrong with the meter(leaking) or the meter reader(can't read(illiterate).

AGL Please investigate!


Cheers Ian

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Hello Ian,

I recall another post where someone had a 10x factor on their actual gas usage.


Found it here . . . 


Maybe AGL are accidentally charging you too much by this incorrect formula ?