Being charged 10x gas usage

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I currently have a UltraMaXX HW 2021 hot water meter.


Starting meter read: 00068.740 m3

Starting meter read recorded on bill: 6,874


Ending meter read: 00071.546 m3

Ending meter read recorded on bill: 7,154.03


This equals a total usage of 280.03 for the period.


According to my bill, the total usage for the period: 280.03 units x 10 x 1.006329 (conversion factor) = 2,818mj


However, the actual calculation should be: 280.03 x 1.006329 (conversion factor)  = 281.8mj


This is because the values have already been x10 when being input into the meter read.


Now when usage is reported from my meter reads into the app, the decimal point gets moved, so instead of a 13 minute shower using 0.047 m3 (like it shows on the meter), it gets recorded as using 0.470 (the value is being x10 when being submitted as a meter reading).


This would be fine, however the billing department is further multiplying my total usage value by 10 (280.03), meaning that I am getting charged for 10x my actual usage.


I have seen others have this same issue with this type of hot water meter and wondering how this can be resolved as there has been no documented solutions.

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Hi taylorj, Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the inconvenience. It looks like the meter reader might have provided incorrect information which has subsequently resulted in incorrect billing. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh