Change of residential electricity plan fails and throws a generic (useless) error message

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Sequence of actions and responses to reproduce the error:

After account login:

Page = 

Select "Change energy plan" 

Result =  

Select "Electricity" plan option + "No" ... medical or life support..." option + "Continue" button

Result = 

Select "AGL Solar Savers - Choose this plan"

Result = 

Select = "Continue" to ignore Carbon Neutral upsell

Result = ERROR MESSAGE "Something went wrong with an item in your cart. One or more items in your cart was updated or is no longer available. Please make a new selection to continue." 


Additional steps taken:

  • I have tried 20+ times the same action.
  • I have tried selecting other plans and they fail the same way.
  • I have tried at multiple times of the day and night (assuming AGL's tech cant scale to handle concurrent load).
  • I have tried on different devices, IPs, browsers and after cache clears and re-boots.
  • I have tried AGLs online chat help = utterly pointless (they have no idea what they are doing; and can't deviate from their script).
  • I have been on hold for over an hour twice trying to get through to a human who works for AGL.
  • I have posted the issue publically to Twitter using AGLs profile to see whether that gets anyone off their backside - zero response. 

I am stuck on a (extortionately) expensive plan as of 1 July and AGL will not let me choose another.

Perhaps there's a customer centric and competent techy that slipped through AGL's recruitment processes who can fix this or just get my energy plan changed.  Thx

AGL Moderator
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Hi @CliffAly,  welcome!


that really is odd, if it's an eligible plan for you it should be working! I will take a look at the account for you. I'll just need to send you a private message to start. Thanks- Mark



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Hi, I am having exactly the same user experience when trying to select a plan online. I get to the checkout and then an error message tells me there is a problem and to refresh the page or contact AGL. I have already spent over 30 minutes waiting on the phone so tried online, so I am not going to call to sort this out. I can also only see two plans when I select change plan as an option but there are others I should be seeing and able to choose. Why is this??

AGL Moderator
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Hi Svf, Thanks for reaching out and we are sorry about your experience. I'll send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh

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I am having similar problem. I am able to change my electricity plan on my app but my gas plan does not show up in the “change plan” section. I received an email from AGL suggesting I should change my Gas to the senior saver for my Gas plan, but I can’t do this through the APP. Is someone able to help?