I would like to revert back to quarterly billing thank you very much monthly does not suit me

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@PRINCE75teddy Welcome to neighbourhood, i'm just going to send you a private message so that we can take a look at the account for you. Regards- Mark.

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Me too!

My elec account was set to monthly by the system, but I prefer the original quarterly. When I follow the advice to revert back to quarterly, the page illogically tells me that “a monthly billing is not allowed for this account” and yet there it is.



 Choose your service

Monthly billing is not available for these accounts
Your bill is issued on the 18th of every month
Your account is billed quarterly


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Hi Slymeat, 


If monthly billing is not for you and you’d prefer to remain on quarterly billing, you can cancel it by following these steps in My Account, which opens in a new window:

  1. Select your name in the top right corner, then 'Account Settings'
  2. In the 'Billing and payments, opens in a new window' menu, go to 'Monthly billing' and select 'Edit'
  3. Next to your monthly billing service, select 'Cancel'.


If the above doesn't work for you, please let me know. Cheers, Deepesh

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That did not work and my reply email to admin@community.agl.com.au bounced.


My problem seems to be exactly the same as others who have commented on your suggested fix—it does not work. 

As per my original post, the fields are greyed out and do not have a cancel button for me to press.


Please note, I originally tried the “Message is” facility when logged in to MyAGL, but that did not resolve my issue. I got the same response you gave, and gave up waiting for a human respondent as it took a very long time. Hence why I have tried this forum approach.

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Hi Slymeat, Apologies for the inconvenience. I'll send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh