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I can’t download electricity bill statement from my gmail

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Bcs I need to pay bill now

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Hi Kennethelect!

Welcome to AGL Community!

You can download copies of your bills on your AGL My Account here or you can visit our website here for more information about billing and payments. 


Kind regards, 



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Hi.  I'm having a similar problem and have some more details.


The problem happens whe using Gmail and the latest Google Chrome.


If I click on the link to download the bill, a new tab appears with a blank page, then disappears, with no file downloaded.


If I right click on the link and choose Save Link As..., after choosing the destination folder, I get a warning message saying that the bill can't be downloaded securely.  If I choose the keep the bill, I get the bill.

I don't have this problem when viewing Gmail through a 3rd party e-mail program.  Even though it calls up Google Chrome to save the file, it works without any problems.


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Hi I can' t download my bill from the email notification.  I then go and log on to see the bill and it says I have a nil balance so still can't see the bill.