Date Format of downloaded MyUsageData.csv file has changed from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY

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An Australian company servicing Australian customers should provide the date in Australian format.
The standard Australian format for date is DD/MM/YYYY. Why the sudden change to the American format MM/DD/YYYY. Virtually all Australian Excel installations are configured to use Australian date format. The entry in the MyUsageData.csv file for the date 10 NOV 22 for example appears as11/10/2022 but is interpreted by Excel as the 11 OCT 2022. The entry for 20 Nov 22 appears in the csv file as 11/20/22 and is not be treated by Excel as a date at all as "20" is not recognized by Excel as a valid month. This unannounced data format change has caused me endless frustration and wasted effort for what reason?


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Hi pl, 


Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know. We are aware of this issue and we have raised customer concerns about the change with our support team. We're following up from our end and hope that the format will be changed back soon.