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Date Format of downloaded MyUsageData.csv file has changed from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY

An Australian company servicing Australian customers should provide the date in Australian format.The standard Australian format for date is DD/MM/YYYY. Why the sudden change to the American format MM/DD/YYYY. Virtually all Australian Excel installations are configured to use Australian date format. The entry in the MyUsageData.csv file for the date 10 NOV 22 for example appears as11/10/2022 but is interpreted by Excel as the 11 OCT 2022. The entry for 20 Nov 22 appears in the csv file as 11/20/ ...
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Re: Usage Download date format is inconsistent in latest download

I have the same problem as well. After downloading usage data in .csv format. Instead of date being in DD/MM/YY format it is in MM/DD/YY format When Excel tries to interpret the date and time it stuffs up and the date and time formats change as you go down the sheet. I tried to clean up the data by converting to different formats but with no success. Very annoying
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