AGL's troublesome website

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Yesterday I shared a post under Biji, it has vanished today.  I think AGL removes overnight what it doesn't like or ones that are critical of its services. It reeks of control and censorship.


The AGL website designer and some of their technical staff would do with a bit of ecg from the surplus energy.  There is no real link to message AGL via internet .. unless you resort to social media - Tweeter - which os to public, and their Facebook doesn't work.


I am switching back to Energy Orange; done with AGL (trouble is they re both Texas owned companies or subsidiaries in OZ; Ive lived in the US and know that you and I count for nothing agains t he mega-corporates. If AGL cares to they can email me at Cheers.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Biji2 , the only post I can see under the @Biji  account is this one you made on Saturday, which is definitely still available:


I'll address your questions on that post.