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Re: AGL messaging site and updating expiry date on credit card payment method

Dear David, I appreciate your getting back to me. This is the issue (I don't have time right now to go back into the AGL website), but any agent of AGL should be able to go in and try to update the expiry date of their credit or debit card on their own direct debit account, or even set up a fake one for trial purposes. I might have acquired American English in the time that I have been stranded here, sorry about that; at least I didn't threaten AGL with a string of litigations, Texan-style. I w ...
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AGL's troublesome website

Yesterday I shared a post under Biji, it has vanished today. I think AGL removes overnight what it doesn't like or ones that are critical of its services. It reeks of control and censorship. The AGL website designer and some of their technical staff would do with a bit of ecg from the surplus energy. There is no real link to message AGL via internet .. unless you resort to social media - Tweeter - which os to public, and their Facebook doesn't work. I am switching back to Energy Orange; done w ...
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