stuck on Standard Retail Gas

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It seems that I am stuck on the Standard Variable Retail Gas plan.

About a month ago, my contract was about to expire and I have received email from AGL.

I have logged on to MyAccount but the first thing I have done is to change my Electricity (not Gas) plan.

Now I simply cannot change my Gas plan at all !

The website says "a technical error occurred" and advises to Call AGL.

Which I did. And the person on the phone said he has set my plan.

BUT normally I do get an email notification of the plan change by email - this time I did not.

Normally I am able to see the change reflected on website - this time I do not.

The "contract ending" email said my new "Standard Retail" plan will be enacted on August 4th.

So why on earth I am already seeing this enacted on my Account, and no possibility to change, despite a call and a direct answer this was done???

Is switching away from AGL to another gas retailer my best option, at this point?

Or will someone fix the system?

Super Charger
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Hey cubeover,


I recall having a similar issue, but had no trouble having it switched when I called, sad to hear you didn't have the same experience.


Recommend you contact via 131 245 or via other options here.

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