AGL Rewards - Hoyts not listed for 6 months

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AGL rewards haven't worked for 6 months - Hoyts discounts was a major reason i decided to go with AGL and after reviewing the threads on this site its not a new issue! MORE ANNOYING is that the moderators simply reply with "Send me a PM" - That's not a fix for people who dont want to navigate forums to get this working! 


I think it is a scam to draw customers in and by not providing the rewards is certainly false advertising. 


Please fix this issue!

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I see no Hoyts under AGL Rewards, have they been removed? I thought they were listed.

AGL Community Manager
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@Nighthawk That's correct. Partners do get added and removed over time, and it doesn't look like Hoyts is a current partner as of now.

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Geee the Hoyts discounted movie passes are becoming like hen's teeth. No longer on Optus Perks & now AGL.

How about Coles gift cards, I can longer locate these on the Rewards section.


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@Shirty123 @Nighthawk @David_AGL 


Hi all,


I would suggest that if you are looking for rewards that are not available through the AGL Site that you look at your Local Motoring Association (NRMA, RACQ, RACV, RAA, etc) for the wide range of Member Discounts and Offers that they give.


Cheers Neil


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PPS If you are an Old Fart like me why don't you use all the benefits of your SENIORS CARD.

Cheers Neil

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