What's New for the AGL mobile app v8.0 - Usage Insights, Energy View Plan, Dark Mode and more

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We're pleased to announce we've recently launched version 8.0 of the AGL mobile app. This is a major update,  adding new features including:


  • Usage Insights for Smart Electricity – introducing Usage Insights for Smart Electricity, allowing you to compare your monthly and weekly usage and gain insights.
  • Energy View Plan providing you with greater visibility and transparency of your electricity and gas plan and prices.
  • Dark Mode Support – providing a comfortable viewing experience to reduce eye strain in low light on both iOS and Android devices.


Dark Mode and Accessibility

Dark Mode support across iOS and Android has been implemented to provide a comfortable viewing experience for customers to reduce eye strain in low light. The appearance is tailored for low-light environments helping reduce light that can interrupt sleep while also preserving battery life.


Key Features

  • A dark color palette in dark mode is utilised for all screens, views, menus, icons, animations, and controls
  • Greater perceptual contrast to make foreground content stand out against the darker backgrounds


Usage Insights for Smart Electricity

Usage Insights for Smart Electricity allows you to compare usage through monthly and weekly charts and gain insights helping you better manage your electricity and be more energy efficient. 



Key Features

  • Chart comparison/summary of the last 12 months of usage in cost ($) and usage (kWh) as well as daily and monthly averages of (cost and usage). The months with the highest and lowest cost and usage are also presented.
  • Weekly comparison/summary allowing drill down to a specific month to see weekly usage comparison, average usage per week as well as comparison of this month’s usage to previous and next month.

Energy View Plan

Energy View Plan provides you with greater visibility and transparency of electricity and gas prices. During this period of rising energy prices, this feature can help you better understand plan details and better manage energy bills.


Key Features

  • You can view your plan name, rate type (e.g., variable, or fixed) and even plan benefits.
  • You have visibility on your plan rates including peak rate, off-peak rate, tiered pricing structures, supply charges, tariffs, and solar feed-in.


To check it out for yourself, head over to Using the AGL App and download it today, or grab it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Help us keep improving the app

We're always looking for new ways to make the AGL app better. You can help too, by sharing your feedback and ideas about the AGL app on the AGL Mobile App Feedback and Ideas space, here on Neighbourhood.

If you have any feedback about this particular update, let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for sharing, @Alakshendra ! Some great improvements in this update, including making plan details easier to access, as requested by customers like @LindaAnn and @AJP001 over on the Ideas section of Neighbourhood.

And to all our Neighbourhood members: If you've got future improvements or features you'd like to see in the AGL app, this is a great place to suggest them!

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Testing this app.

There are many functions on the WEB PAGE that are not available from the app.

For instance you cannot see your current plan rates and charges that I can see on the web page.

As an active member of these pages I signed up for this test.

No way will you will convince me to use this app.

Data is way out of date (same as web).

Information compared to the web info is LACKING.

I just answered a query from an existing post where the person told me I was wrong in that you could obtain your current rates he rang your contacts and they told him the info not available....


Above is the data I got from my web page...

Cheers Neil

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Hi @NeilC , you can access your plan rates in the app by tapping the fuel type (e.g. Electricity) on the overview page, and then "Manage Plan" at the bottom. 

When you say that the data is way out of date, are you referring to the standard two-day delay resulting from the delay in AGL receiving usage data from the distributor?