No 'Cost So Far' or 'Bill Projection' values since 30 06 2023 - Energy Ombudsman contacted

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Like many of you I also have missing data on the app and website where an estimate of my current usage and bill projection should be. I figure if the estimate remains at $0 then that is what I will be prepared to pay.

I have been asked to reset my password; told its a web developer issue; asked to send a manual meter read (no response from this); tried to use the useless chat bot; looked for a non-existent online complaint form and have been asked why I don't have a smart meter in my rental unit.


As I cannot get a straight answer from AGL I have opted to file my complaint with the Energy Ombudsman in my state and encourage others to do the same.

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Hi @TeeGeeBee,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood!


From the message that you have posted it sounds like you have a manually read meter and not a smart meter. With these meter types, we can't give you a cost to date information until the actual meter read is completed. This can be done by meter readers, alternatively you can enter meter read yourself any time during the billing cycle, to get accurate cost to date and projection based on that meter read.


Are you still having issues accessing My Account and AGL App? If you are, we can certainly assist with this. Please let us know so that we can send you a private message to obtain your account details from you, so we can assist you further.


If you have already submitted a complaint via Ombudsman, then one of our Resolutions Managers will be in contact with you.