Linking my electricity account

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How do i link my electricity account in the app

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Looks like you have to add the account through your My Usage page.


The help / instructions can be found at


Click on the link and a new Web page will be started for you.


However, I can not find how to add your account to your My Usage page, it appears the first account needs to be added by the help desk. (You can add a second account though?)


To contact AGL go to

Chat and Phone appear to be very busy at the moment, so be prepared  to wait a while.


If you are sitting at a computer I think that using chat is better as you get a loud Ding when a message is sent, if you are wandering around the using phone support may be better as you can walk around while waiting in the cue.


I still would suggest that you create your My Account on the web if you have not done so before.


Hope this helps



Cheers Neil

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