I feel that Agl App is not as professional as before

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In the past, the AGL App could display how much electricity each household appliance used, but now the App does not allow you to check the power consumption of any appliance. Only after replacing the smart electric box, the electricity bill is more than 5 times more expensive, which is outrageous. I am considering changing to other power companies. I suspect that my home’s electricity has been stolen. The 5-fold increase in electricity bills is too exaggerated. Contacting Agl requires listening to music for more than 30 minutes. I am very disappointed.

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Hi Sukichan9999,


Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, the app does not measure the individual usage of each appliance, but we can provide an estimate using the data from your meter, called the Energy Insights report.


You can find more information about this at https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/energy/manage-your-account/home-energy-insights/energy-insights.


For more personalised investigation, our contact centre is available 24/7, you can reach out at https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/contact-us.

Kind regards,



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Previously, the AGL App showed electricity usage per appliance, but it no longer provides this feature. Replacing the smart electric box led to a drastic 5-fold increase in the bill, which seems unreasonable. Considering switching power providers due to suspicions of electricity theft. Contacting AGL takes over 30 minutes of waiting with disappointing results.

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What has occurred is that your new meter now allows you to measure your Electricity usage DAILY rather than the 90 day wait for a meter reader to come up your street and read your meter.


On your bill (well not at the moment as they have left it off the New Bills) you will see the date that your meter will be read (even though you can see the daily reads on your My Account or the APP).


You can see via the usage graphs you Yearly, Monthly, Weekly. Daily and lastly your hourly reports for a day.


The reason your prices have increased is because YOUR PRICE PER kWh (Kilo Watt Hour) has increased or maybe you were getting estimated reads and now AGL are getting correct usage data.


Without a Smart Meter you were being presented with an AVERAGE USAGE PER DAY (ie your End meter read - your start meter read  divided by the number of days between the reads) for instance 9900 - 9000 (900 units) divided by

8 Apr 2023 to 6 Jul 2023 (90 days)
 900 / 90  then equals 10 kWh average usage a day.


Not ideal reporting but gives you a guide on your usage.


Now on your My Account and App you can see each individual day like below.


You can see here that I used 4.10 kWh and generated 20.34 kWh, looking at the rest of the graph you can see this is close to my average usage for this billing period.


Lets look at that day and see my usage.



You can also see your basic costs for 6 hour periods. The times on this graph though are incorrect, the reading shown for 12 am is actually your usage from Midnight to 1am thus making the last reading your usage from 11pm to Midnight.


This may not seem important but if you do not have a single rate Tariff your calculations may be incorrect to try and work them out.


Lets say Peak starts at 00:00 (midnight) and goes to 1:00 am then starts at 6:00 am and goes to 10:00 am, then starts at 3:00pm and finishes at midnight.

What figure would you come up with???


Now to claim for electricity theft you need to provide proof that someone is stealing your power.


What is your basis for stating this. Five fold increase in electricity is quite drastic, now remember that you are charged a rate for the amount of kWh you consume.


If you compare a bill where you did not have a smart meter (USAGE ONLY NOT COST) and compare it to your new bill (USAGE ONLY NOT COST) are they really different.


Now if you are making these statements to people on the phone after a 30 min wait I would expect you to have proof, such as above.


That would be like me ringing up AGL and telling them that when I put less power in from my solar they are charging me more for my usage.


Well guess what, that's true. Have a look at my usage for the 27th July, I used more power on that day.


If you do go and change providers it will not change your usage at all, in fact AGL allows you download all of the data for up to two Account page years past from the APP and My Account page.


If you want to send me a Private Message I will get you to download your data and send you a report for every days usage in the file, and sent it back in .CSV or Text format for you to examine. If you are not on a single tariff, I can do a report for you if you supply the times.


If you are on a DEMAND Tariff I would suggest you look at it and change as it does not suit may home users especially if you are one of these people that COOL / HEAT their house to extremes.


Similarly if you have a workshop, and making things, welding etc it does not take much to increase your demand rate.


Any way hope this helps.

Cheers Neil

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It sounds like you're facing a frustrating situation with AGL regarding your electricity bill and the functionality of their app. The sudden increase in your electricity bill after replacing the smart electric box is concerning, especially since you used to monitor individual appliance usage through the app, but that feature is now unavailable.

Here are some steps you could consider:   

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  1. Check Your Consumption: Without the ability to monitor individual appliance usage, you might manually track your electricity consumption by noting meter readings at regular intervals. This can help you understand if the increase is justified based on your actual usage patterns.

  2. Investigate the Bill: Review your electricity bill in detail to see if there are any unusual charges or discrepancies. Sometimes billing errors or changes in tariffs can lead to unexpected increases.

  3. Contact AGL: Despite the long wait times, it's crucial to reach out to AGL to discuss your concerns. Explain the situation clearly and provide any evidence or data you've collected regarding your electricity usage and the bill increase. Request an explanation for the significant cost difference and inquire about any possible issues with your smart electric box installation.

  4. Consider Alternatives: If you're dissatisfied with AGL's response or service, research other power companies in your area. Compare their rates, customer service reviews, and available features (like app functionality) to see if switching providers could be beneficial.

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@benrich90 what's the survey link within your post . . . accidental ?

Please edit to remove it as people clicking on these can be taken anywhere.


Re this thread, it's quite old, hopefully the posters would have realised why their bill / power use was so high, and sorted it out.


Reading the 2 posts (from the same person / different name ?) re 5 x usage since smart meter install, it's most likely that . . .


They have probably been moved from a single tariff, onto a TOU (time of use) tariff, and their usage patterns are very much affecting how much they are charged for power when they are using it.

Ie. People in the household may be working / at school etc through the day, the home just consuming a very small trickle of power when solar soak times are cheapest for grid use (shoulder rate), and using most of their power before and after work / school in peak tariff times when it's very expensive.

Usually peak is between 0600 and 1000, and after 1500 right through the evening until midnight.


Anyone with such issues should consult their previous bills at perhaps single rate (all day single rate, peak / off peak), versus the new bill(s) with likely smart meter TOU.

Most retailers move people on to TOU when a smart meter is installed.


Compare the rates, compare the usage for each of the TOU blocks being peak, shoulder, off peak.

Shoulder is cheapest between 1000 - 1500 middle of the day.


Through 2023 power prices went up significantly for some states, other states are now getting increases to catch up a little, but in the main they are still far less for their power than we are here in SA.

I'm in SA, my overall charges went up 44% with the main increase, and some smaller increases almost each bill following for a couple of quarters through that time in 2023.

We still pay the highest peak tariff of all Aussie states here in SA, 50c / kwh.

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Hello @SukiChan9999


We have a new and existing feature in the AGL app called Electrify now, this platform allows you to understand your personal cost and carbon savings if you make the switch to solar, battery, heat pump hot water, efficient space heating and cooling, induction cooktops and an electric vehicle (EV), with customers able to pick and choose which upgrade suits their budget and lifestyle.  


This could be a good starting point to help reduce your overall consumption. Electrify Now is currently available for you through the AGL Website, however we are now offering this feature via the 'For You' section of your AGL App.


Kind Regards,