Breakdown hourly usage

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Hi, when I look at my hourly usage. I see times that have peaks in them. I have done some research and have found out that the peaks is when my tarrif 31 is on. Is there a way of showing both all day and tariff separately? Also is the cost shown at both rates combined (general and tarrif 31) or is it just all day rate.

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Hello @TE, Thank you for reaching out. 


Unfortunately, the app is designed to reflect all of your electricity usage that is recorded within the dedicated intervals; however, we appreciate your feedback and will pass this on to the relevant department. 


The cost to date includes the rate for both your general usage and tariff 31. 


I hope this helps out! 


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Hi @TE - thanks again for the feedback! You might also like to add your votes and comment on this customer idea in our idea space: