App has not updated since 29th November 2020

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Tha AGL app has not updated since the 29th of November, I have contacted help line and been advised that there is a lock on my account and when I asked when the problem would be resolved was advised they hope to have it fixed be the end of December. I think is unreasonable. I wasn't given an answer why it was locked and what they were fixing. 

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Hi Ucandobetter! 


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Sounds like this is related to a pricing review occurring in QLD at the moment to ensure that the data that is reflecting on the App is accurate. This will be resolved by 31.12.2020, if you have further questions about it I would recommend messaging our dedicated team on the AGL App. 


Thank you 


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Ellen1 well it's the 1st January 2021 and it still has not been resolved. It hasn't updated for over 5 weeks, I am very disappointed with this outcome and wonder what excuse will be used now.