AGL iPhone App usage not working

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Hi there


I have a smart meter and I use to monitor my electricity usage in the AGL app on my iPhone which worked great.


About a month ago I lost this function and I get the error “That’s awkward. There’s a problem with our servers, but we should have it fixed in no time. Sorry for the hold up” along with a try again button. 


It appears to be over a month now that your server has been broken. I have contacted the customer support via the online chat who have been unable to resolve the matter. I have uninstalled the app and tried reinstalling it. I have tried logging into my account on a friends iPhone on a different telephone connection.


The customer service agent said on the second time that it is a know problem with the iPhone app and it’s being worked on. Yet I have not seen any official media release or other users complaining.


I am extremely disappointed this service has not been resolved if that is the case. Could you please officially advise me?





AGL Moderator
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Hi Sydmd,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


I'd like to investigate this further for you. So that I can do this, I'll ask you to send me a quick private message (by clicking on my username - "jaydeny") including your AGL account number and email address.


Kind regards,