App does not show current usage. Has trouble connecting to my account details

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My AGL app won't show any data for my gas and power.

Click on usage - top left corner has "Connection in progress" Photo of a man next to a light and tv set up in the background.


Has been like this for days. Have tried deleting and reinstalling app to fix issue. 


Any help would be great,



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Finally the resolutions team have un blocked my billing as i am not affected by fires. My live data started working the same day! Problem solved!

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Since the New Year the usage shown on my Phone App and also my PC App were not being updated. I contacted AGL and they said they needed to reset my account and I had to reload my iPhone App. I got new daily data on my PC for 4 days and it has now frozen again. On re-installing my iPhone App, it only shows past data to my last billing period. 

This is all very stressful as we are in a danger zone and using a lot of energy and I need to know that I can afford it. Anyway, the App has worked perfectly for over 2 years and now it has suddenly stopped - please fix it.

Paul Brennand

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Good that some of your account has reactivated, but mine doesnt work yet.

Frustrating situation

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hi agl just fixed online readings worked for a few weeks and now now longer get any usage or solar inputs showing

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My usage data has not updated from the 21st December. I read a previous topic where an AGL representative mentioned that collection of usage information is sometimes halted for customers during bushfire events. This would correspond to the day my data stopped being available, however it has not resumed since then.

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Hi, app still not updating electricity usage. Hasn't updated since 6th December. I am not in a bushfire prone area. Also still cannot enter meter readings of electricity or gas. Could someone check into this please. 

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My app hasn't updated since 3rd Jan. I'm away and want to see my usage while No one is home but can't.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Paul,


Sorry you are having issues with the app, I'll send you a private message, as we will need to check your account.


Kind Regards,



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I'm having the same issue. No data since 7 January

AGL Moderator
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Hi frankxagius,


It can take up to 48 hours for the usage data to update. If you can reach out to the team either by calling or messenger via the below link they can review this for you.


Kind Regards,