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AGL are you listening, obviously NOT?
This rubbish AGLapp (mobile iPhone) hasn’t worked since you released the update 8.9.0 for the iPhone (weeks ago)?  It takes forever to start if it does & in the meantime you can watch your battery % decreasing in front of your eyes!!!!! Don't say to remove the app & reinstall it because I have done that & it works once then 2nd time does the same thing (won't start, watch the white dots at centre of blue screen going around & around for hours?) You have absolutely no way to contact you because the AGL chat is in the app, nothing on the web app that I can find that is obvious? STOP changing the app every 5 minutes & test it completely before you release this crap?
While your at it get rid of the annoying 'advertising' on the overview page & put it where it belongs, on the 'help' tab
AGL Moderator
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Hi @gcrabb01 - thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.
I'm sorry the app has not been working for you, I know as a consumer how frustrating this can be.

You can access all of the services of the app through AGL's MyAccount at where you can use the same login details as the app, including AGL chat.

You can find all of our contact methods at
Kind regards,

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @gcrabb01 - this issue should be fixed by the latest update. Please let us know if you're still seeing issues with battery use.