show split between general load and Control Load 1

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It would be good if the app also showed the split between general load and Control Load 1 usage.


I would love this too having the meters combined is hard to measure and manage


Even better, could you could also include shoulder, peak and off-peak time of use with the controlled loads 1,2,3.

But any fine grained improvements would be greatly appreciated.



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@Shane-o , @clarkey90 @jchopines  - we're looking at the way our usage data is displayed, and the more information we have about how customers are using this data, the better! What are you looking to get out of the extra level of detail? For example, would you use it to make decisions about when to run particular appliances throughout the day?

I no longer need as switched to Solar and Heat Pump
Hi, I just really wanted to know how much energy was being used for hot water each day. Would also be good to see when off peak kicked in each night. I have since put in a power diverted so I can heat water using solar during the day so don’t really need the the off peak data now.
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knowing how much the controlled load uses per day in the App would help me in a few ways. The main one is transparency. The data is in the smart meter so why not show it.


I would still love to have this viaibility despite figuring out the patterns by means of adding a battery to my solar system leaving just the hot water using the grid during sunny days.

I imagine those who don't have this setup or myself on those less sunny days have no way of telling untill the bills arive.