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Re: Customer Experience - HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED

Hi Steve - I have tried via all mediums to contact AGL - Not sure, why the onus is always on the customer?Please fix it - i require a copy of the invoice and the bill is not on the portal.... If you want customers to pay via Billing portal (Paperless etc) - The onus is on AGL to keep billings accurate and updated. Again - I have tried all mediums (Calling / Chat) and i have to explain each time issues at AGL end - I am sorry but this is extremely frustrating.
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Customer Experience - HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED

I called last week to AGL and highlighted my account on the portal is incorrect - It was agreed and was advised that this will be corrected in few days and was escalated to their IT dept (this is what i was told). It has been over 10 days and they want me to pay an amount without them providing or updating with the right/correct/actual Invoice - The invoice does not exist on the portal but they would like to pay XX$$. How does that work? As I mentioned to them, please update the AGL billing por ...
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