Customer Experience - HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED

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I called last week to AGL and highlighted my account on the portal is incorrect - It was agreed and was advised that this will be corrected in few days and was escalated to their IT dept (this is what i was told). 


It has been over 10 days and they want me to pay an amount without them providing or updating with the right/correct/actual Invoice - The invoice does not exist on the portal but they would like to pay XX$$. How does that work?


As I mentioned to them, please update the AGL billing portal with the correct Invoice and the bill will be paid (I have never defaulted) - But due to their admin issues, they continue to make the overall experience very negative and time consuming for customers. Please respect customers time and money.


This experience also has created concerns whether the previous billing has been accurate or not? - Strongly suggest to all not to be on direct billing with AGL as there could be lot of holes and as customers we might be paying higher amounts than usual (as we operate ion good faith). Please be careful !!


Hoping someone will reply and correct the billing portal else I am not paying without a correct Invoice and right $$.

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Hi n_ishi, sorry you have had this experience, so we can assist please get in touch via Messenger in My Account or via the AGL App.

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Hi Steve - I have tried via all mediums to contact AGL - Not sure, why the onus is always on the customer?

Please fix it - i require a copy of the invoice and the bill is not on the portal.... If you want customers to pay via Billing portal (Paperless etc) - The onus is on AGL to keep billings accurate and updated.


Again - I have tried all mediums (Calling / Chat) and i have to explain each time issues at AGL end - I am sorry but this is extremely frustrating.

AGL Community Manager
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hi @n_ishi , it sounds like you already have an investigation from the tech team looking into this issue, so it may be better to wait for that to conclude - however if you feel like progress isn't being made and you're still not seeing your up-to-date bills on your My Account page feel free to shoot me a private message (click my name) and I'll follow up.