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2 weeks ago


It is dispointing that no one replies my post. Luckily i got another complaint about meter reading after my meter finally ENABLED. What a proudly 1837 Austrlia-made local company. I am proud of being with you. This is a complaint email regarding the historical daily data has been changed dramatically and also Solar Feed in data is not reading properly. I have recently installed solar and enabled bidirectional reading of the meter. Now, I can see daily usage ,charge and balance of usage and so ...
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raysun Switched-on


This is complaint about meter re-config delay with a rediculous reason I already have smart meter installed in my place last year as i told AGL i will need install solar PV later on. Phoned AGL on 15 March as i have installed solar PV but did not see any feed-in credit in my account. Why? Answer is i will need someone remotely re-config my meter to support solar PV.... A smart meter does not support bidirectional reading? Fine.... Wait.... 3 days later, i received a msg from AGL, saying within ...
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