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Continuous billing

i keep getting a new bill every few weeks with a future date. I don't receive any discount because another bill comes in and adds the previous balance and shifts the date by a week or so. i now have bills 5/3, 10/3, 13/3,16/3 20/3, 23/3. When and what am I supposed to pay?
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Re: Faulty smart meter not rectified- 2 months and counting.

Hi jaydenymy apologies for not getting back to you sooner.My email was sent 2/09 with the title Woods- unresolved faulty meter to the address complaints@agl.com.au I look forward to what happens next as yours is the only response I have had since this issue began thanks in advanceNeal
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Faulty smart meter not rectified- 2 months and counting.

Since AGL emailed to make me aware that my 6 month old smart meter (upgraded when we installed solar) was not recognising or paying any feed-in from my system, I have called fortnightly (initially) then weekly only to hear that the request was a) awaiting acceptance by the 'Metering coordinator' or b) had been rejected by the 'Metering coordinator' and had to be resubmitted.I have emailed the 'complaints' department via the AGL website and a week later am yet to hear back- not holding my breath. ...
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