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Re: Payment extension of 2 days

Gotta love this community not even a reply....oh I did receive a txt from AGL saying they're here to help, which I've never laughed so much, as I asked for help & got a straight NO so as a result after 25 years I'm out!Changing providers
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Payment extension

Hi,Just enquiring about my next bill which the due date is 21 June I want to see if I could pay the full amount on the Tuesday 22 June.I contacted live chat & was told that I would loose the pay on time discount?Is the correct?AGL customer for 25+ years, never not paid a bill on time & I ask this once and that was the reply. Trying to confirm is this actually correct?Appreciate any information regarding this. Thankyou
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Re: Cannot see amount due

Ok, so I've seen a reply saying" you can absolutely see your bill"So I'd like to know how please.... The metres been read..... It says you bill is on the way!!! No one can seem to tell me how much it is & sorry to tell you.... It's definitely NOT online to see..... Still waiting...... On its way...On its way....Like when
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Re: Bill reading

Thank you Jayden.
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