Letter received regarding increased prices

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Just wondering the recent letter I received from AGL regarding the increase in prices, says that this basic's plan is 8% greater than the current reference price.

So does that mean that's my increase is 8%?

I've just heard in the media that electricity bills are going up 29+% but my bill projection hasn't increased, mind you I'm not using any heating this year compared to last year. Grateful for any information someone might have. Thanks 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @3lions, what that means is that the plan you are on, when all is said and done, is about 8% higher than what it would be on the standard, regulated rates for the state. What you should do is reach out to us here so that we can make sure you're on the best rates for your circumstances, we should be able to do better for you than that 8%.



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Hi Mark, thankyou for your reply. I will do that, thankyou... I did reach out to someone on your "chat" feature but unfortunately they weren't very helpful at all accept to say, yes absolutely your bill will increase, which I thought was pretty insensitive language. So thankyou again for your reply & I'll ring AGL and hopefully I will be able to get a better deal.