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Re: AGL Bar Charts - Daily Electricity Usage

@Samjy wrote:Hi @Rogerf, Welcome to the Community! Can you please specify where you are seeing the bar charts? Are you using My Account or the App? My Account. Every Wednesday is $3.87! Just a copy & paste for every day of the previous weeks. R.
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AGL Bar Charts - Daily Electricity Usage

I had Smart (?) Meters installed in November 2018 and I saw them as being useful for feeding back accurate information to trigger possible power reduction and cost savings.So far I fail to see any benefit for myself.The usage and costs shown on a daily basis in the bar charts is always identical to the corresponding day of the previous week.(As an example, on a Wednesday I always use $3.87 worth of electricity!)I run my own spread sheet to collate the reads but the information I'm receiving is i ...
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