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Billing query

My billing period is 22 October to January 19 2019 but my bill hasn't been sent for that time. Logging onto AGL site my bill just keeps rising as it stretches past the due date. Bill analysis on AGL website finishes at where I connected to solar in November and will only show an error message/not enough data to complete analysis. Downloading PDF of bill shows electricity quarter up to 21 October 2018. Am only requesting my bill and its corresponding consumption/generation data. Let us leave the ...
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AGL IQ app

After a couple of weeks of back and forth with different departments, my IQ app STILL DOES NOT have any of my solar input or output data appearing on it. I am unsure as to who or how to go too, to get anyone to be able to tell me when or if this is ever going to be updated with any information. Jayden has tried to help me in the last few days, but the last 2 emails I have tried to send to him have just bounced back to me undelivered.Can someone please help me as I have paid a lot of money to hav ...
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Re: is my solar connected

Hi Jayden , thanks for the reply. I have had a smart meter installed by AGL many months ago. There was an email sent to AGL a week before the solar was installed to prepare for the event. It has now been ten business days and still no solar export data (or any other usage data ) from the date of turning on the solar. If you go out to the meter it actually displays the solar power fed to the grid. I dont believe the meter needs upgrading.
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is my solar connected

My installer sent an email to AGL 22/11/18. They used the address solarconnections.agl.com.au. My meter number, NMI and SEG approval number were given. Logging on to AGL app I am given estimated daily readings for my power usage . What is the procedure to connect newly installed solar system to AGL
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