AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards Program - Multiple Credit handling

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With the latest Peak Energy Rewards Program (PERP) campaign as per email :-


By being part of AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards Program, you can be rewarded for making adjustments to your energy use at home when the grid needs a little extra support.

To thank you for making sure there’s enough energy to go around when it’s needed, you’ll receive savings on your AGL electricity bill. Places are limited and registrations close Friday, 22 November 2019.


The Terms and condition includes :-


5.1 We or one of our Related Bodies Corporate (acting as our agent) will credit the AGL electricity bill associated with your Market Contract in the amount of any AGL Credits.

5.2 For clarity, under this Agreement:

(a) you are only entitled to payment in the form of AGL Credits;

(b) no amounts are payable to you; and

(c) AGL Credits may only be applied as part payment of your AGL electricity bill and are not transferrable and are not redeemable for cash.


If you have other credits e.g. Credit via Feed-in Tariff, then it would appear that, if those other credits are consistent then there would be no benefit from the PERP as the PERP credits could never be applied.


Furthermore, if the PERP credits are not, as per 5.1, distinct from the other credits (the use of AGL credits indicates that there is no such distinction) then interpretation of the above could be used to exclude payment of credits via Solar generation; which by all accounts can be redeemed  and that such redemption is covered by the more specific Solar refund terms and conditions as per :-


1. Subject to any Regulatory Requirements, these terms govern the payment, by cheque or electronic funds transfer, of electricity account credit balance amounts by AGL to you, to the extent that the credit is due to amounts credited for solar electricity generation ('Solar Credit Balance Payment').


My understanding is that there AGL has a legally set obligation to provide fair contracts with clear terms and conditions that allow one to fully understand the energy offer. 


Can you please clarify the above, so that I can properly consider whether or to consider participation in the program.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @MTagain, thanks for your questions! I've reached out to someone who should be able to help you out here and you should see a response soon.

AGL Employee
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Dear @MTagain,


Thank you for your enquiry.

Please be advised that any solar credits received by you won't affect your eligibility for receiving credit incentives under Peak Energy Rewards program provided the targets are achieved. To clarify those terms, credits earned under Peak Energy Rewards are non-refundable whereas solar feed-in-tariff credits can be refunded.




Customer Relationship Manager - New Technology