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Re: Usage (bill projection)

There's definitely something wrong with their Bill Projection system. Only one person living in my house, water gas heating only, take a look at their crazy projection.
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Insanely high "estimated" gas bill

So it's happened again, after AGL said they'd fixed things so I wouldn't receive these insanely high estimated bills. Nearly $613 for 90 days in a house with just 1 person. Same period usage last year was less than half that so why would AGL estimate that I'd be using more than DOUBLE this year ?
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Re: Payments not showing

Exact same issue. In my case the two payments (gas and electricity) were made over one month ago (BPAY via Commbank) but my online account shows them overdue by 27 and 34 days respectively. Have just spoken to somebody in chat about this who assures me the payments were received but he can't explain why my online account still shows as overdue nor can he tell me how long it should take to fix.
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