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Slow internet

Recently changed to AGL and have had issues along the way and some have been resolved however at the moment I am having DNS issues and very slow load up times. I have changed the primary and secondary DNS servers to no avail.Some sights are fine but others time out and I reload and they start some straight away and others are real slow.I am on a 25meg plan which should be ok but I am suspecting it may have something to do with the ppoe setup.Any ideas out there.I have messaged support but no res ...
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Internet connection issues

I have been a customer for a few months after switching from Telstra.Since I have been using this service with the supplied modem (TP Link vx 230v )i have had nothing but trouble with the internet being unstable. It appears that the modem is supplying incorrect addresses. It appears that any DHPC request receives the first address of the DHPC range as the Gateway which is incorrect. the DPFC sever in the modem is set to range. Gateway address is is the modem addre ...
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