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Thank you Olgi for getting in touch.I have a few questions about the last gas bill, best plan for us, and the account.How was the concession of $34.75 on our last gas bill calculated?Why are the general usage charges split onto 4 parts? They also differ after the price change.We received and email from AGL stating we can save if we change plans. How has the saving of $209 on a Value Save plan been calculated?To properly compare current plan options, what is the estimated annual cost on our exist ...
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Many customers have posted messages about trying to communicate with AGL. I totally concur. Chat takes forever to respond. Messaging is the same, one response we received was at 12:08am! Calling them on their 13 number, on hold, terrible music, heaps of ads, try messaging suggested, wait time always 5 minutes (never is), we have tried calling 3 times at different times of the day and always on hold for 30 minutes. We just hang up. Seems like the customer service team only have 1 person! Truly pa ...
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