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Re: Your website

There seems to be an email address for complaints: complaints@agl.com.au . Regards Michael https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/contact-us/complaints
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Re: Remove nuclear ban

The problem with diodes is you only get half as much power as they are only semiconductors. Why not use a full conductor ?
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Re: Extremely high energy bill

Hi It would be worth checking if the bill is Actual or Estimated. Also if you have a Smart Meter which will let you see the half-hourly usage in case there is some weird usage at particular times of day.
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Re: High Usage Puzzle

Underfloor heating that you forgot to turn off ? Hot water service not working properly ? Hard to think of anything else isn't it! There is a Facebook group called "My Efficient Electric Home" which is a great place to ask these questions. Lots of knowledgeable people.
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